What You Don’t Know About Walex Media, CEO Street Tunez (Read Complete Story Below) (Entertainment Gossip) || @walex_media

Walex Media the Founder and CEO of Street Tunez Entertainment is one of the Most Talented Music Producer And Director Of Photography in Nigeria today

Born Adewale Olamilekan Olawuyi on 17 Of August, in Osun State..

Walex Media fell in love with music at his early age right from primary school days. Soon, he discovered he also had the talent to produce & began to learn & nurture that talent in the year 2005…

Since year 2007 then he began to produced on tracks for so many artists.

And he has also dropped some songs. Produced and Written by him selve

Walex Media is most definitely a street favorite… It is safe to say, the street love him and he loves them back…

That why he name is Record Label: Street Tunez Entertainment

Himself And His Manger IJOBAPOLY (starlight) And His Artist’s Rudy Omoibile, Fskillz Oluwathony, Ramadel,Boludo Alonemighty


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