[Event] Mr & Miss Cinders Nigeria 2019 Pageant (Read Full Details To Participate) _ @ardormedianaija

Cinders, Those black or grey pieces of burnt wood or bushes most times perusing the air as a result of the havoc of bush burning in Nigeria
Mr. and Miss Cinders Nigeria 2019 is a nationwide pageantry event packaged by ARDOR Media aimed at raising awareness on the impact of climate change and global warming in Nigeria as well as empower intellectual and physically beautiful talented Nigerian youth that will join in the awareness program and tackling the issue of climate change and global warming in Nigeria.

Although it is a global phenomenon, an urgent attention needs to be dawn to the issue of climate change and global warming in Nigeria, as the nation as virtually done nothing as to finding any possible solutions to the issue.
Aside from the cash and other mouthwatering prizes, the winners of the Mr. & Miss Cinders Nigeria will automatically represent Nigeria at the Mr. & Miss Ardor International in South Africa.

Some of the negative impacts of climate change in Nigeria includes temperature rise, erratic rainfall, sand storms, desertification, low agricultural yield, drying up of water bodies and flooding, and it might also lead to increasing population pressure, intensive agricultural land use, overgrazing, bush burning, extraction of fuel wood and other biotic resources.
Climate change should really be of great concern to our nation because women and children are particularly the most vulnerable to its impact.

There is therefore need to suggest ways of tackling climate change and global warming in Nigeria such as reforestation or planting of new forests, use of reusable products instead of disposable ones, RECYCLING- reduce the need of electric use such as air condition, hair dries, room heaters.-Turn down lights while sleeping at night or day when we go outside.-reduce our regular bulb with the compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.

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